Wisdom Teeth Fears

Getting my wisdom teeth out has been one of the biggest fears of mine for most of my life. The main reason I have been in this fear is because of the story my dad told me when he got his wisdom teeth out. Now, one thing you need to know about my father is how embellished his stories get over the course of time. Also, his experience happened sometime around the year of 1980. That was 40 years ago, technology has changed, dental practices have become a lot more friendly.

Anyways, the picture my dad has scarred into my head is as follows: The dentist ripped the first wisdom tooth out pretty easily, it just popped right out. The second tooth took a little more time and force in order to get it out. The third tooth had to be broken in order to get it out because it would not budge. And by the fourth tooth, the dentist was standing on top of the dental chair with pliers locked onto the tooth. Both feet were on the arm rests and he was in a squat position as he was pulling back on the tooth in order to rip it out. My dad said he had a death grip on the outside portion of the arm rests and was screaming his head off during this fiasco.

After typing that story out, I realize how improbable and impossible that could have been. There is no way that is how his experience went while at the dental office getting his wisdom teeth out. In fact, he was probably so numbed up that he didn’t feel a thing.

He just likes to think it really hurt and he imagined the dentist climbing up over the top of him in order to get this tooth out. The reason I say this is because of the experience my mom said she had when getting her wisdom teeth out. She said she didn’t feel a thing and it went smooth as could be. She has even heard my dad tell his experience in a story over and over again and always says that he’s crazy when he tells it.

Thankfully, my wife is a dental hygienist and is confident that I won’t feel a thing when I get my wisdom teeth out. And let’s be honest, if she’s in the room, there’s no way I’m going to make her think I’m weak.